Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mish Mash McDonald's Trash

Okay, so my friend Karrie over at Trailer Life has updated her blog making me feel more like the slacker we all know that I am. So I figured I should pop over here to my little page and say a little about our happenings at Casa de Moncur lately. The thing is, I have not been feeling any bit creative and that was the whole point of starting my blog to begin with was to have a creative outlet for all my nonsense that rambles through my troubled little mind. So when there is no nonsense hahah never has there been no nonsense or when I am just too tired to spew out all the nonsense onto this lovely blog, I tend to avoid posting. Wow, I just used the word nonsense four times five now in one paragraph. Overkill?

I dug deep into afore mentioned troubled mind and only was able to come up with a few little snip-its of crap to write about...kind of a mish mosh mash post if you will.

My shingles are finally healing. Just in time for Vootz to bring home a wonderful cold to all of us.

Buzz jumped off the top bunk last night and landed his hip on the trundle frame and now has a lovely little bruise and a limp. I was waiting for the school to call today to find out who beat him. Not really, but you know when your kid gets a horrific bruise that thought always pops into mind. I did not have a lot of sympathy for my screaming, writhing in pain little monster because 1. He was suppose to be asleep not playing superman. 2. He has been told countless times that he cannot fly he wasn't even wearing the cape! What was he thinking 3. He's been told countless times "Do Not Jump off Vootz's bed!

Dub has started saying..."cracks me up to pieces" when he thinks something is funny. His new favorite joke is:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Howie who?
How we doin' taday? *through a giggle*
I'ne so funny I cracks me up to pieces *slaps his leg*

Rub had started saying something that "cracks me up to pieces"...He says, "silly ol me." or "silly ol' you" when something is said or done that is wrong. Like he put his shoes on the wrong feet today and when I told him he says, "oops, silly ol' me"

Vootz got a question wrong on a test he took the other day. I think, IMHO that it was correct but hey you tell me.

McDonald's French Fries are the best fast food french fries. FACT or OPINION
He answered FACT. It was marked wrong. Come on! We all know that it is a FACT! McDonald's does have the best french fries. Too bad we are boycotting them because of their Prop 8 Hating ways! Bye Bye fries, apple pies, sausage McGriddles and 69 cent diet Cokes! I will miss you. I might be able to fit into my jeans again soon, but I will miss you. Speaking of jeans, I can say good bye to Levi's too. What's up with these big companies fighting prop 8? I wish I could boycott PG&E!

As for other news, the transmission went out in JC's truck. That makes both vehicles down and out with no transmissions. He was offered a job finally, but they do not want to pay him enough to even pay our rent and the fuel it will cost him to get to work and back every day. The first chance for a raise is in two years. JC told them he would love to work for them but he could not do it for that pay. He told them what he need to make per year and yesterday they came to us with a counter offer. if you call it that They offered him another WHOPPING two thousand a year. WoooHooo another $166 a month. Who do they think can live off of that kind of pay? Seriously! Even if I was still working we could not make it on that and we don't live high on the hog. Any of you that have been to our house know that. Both our vehicles are twenty + years old so we don't have car payments even. Cazy! That's all. They are just CRAZY! Then they went into what a generous benefit package they had if you call 80/20 generous but the fact of the matter is benefits do not feed four hungry boys! Nor do they pay PG&E prop 8 haters. So we are still looking for work.

So that is my update. Now I am off to find something to eat that will stave off the craving I am having for McDonald's Apple Pie! prop 8 haters! Gotta go mess with a girls comfort food! Darn it!


All Things BD said...

McDonald's fries ARE the best. That is a fact.

And I don't know what Prop 8 is, but if it caused me to miss out on my weekly, er, monthly Big Mac, I'd have to seriously reconsider my convictions. :)

The Queen Bee said...

I think he should have gotten the question right too. Mickey D's does have the best fries. As for the prop 8 haters I didn't know, but here we don't have .69 diet cokes either so my visits to the establishment don't happen very often. Maybe you should try Burger King they have good breakfast!

nancypants said...

Followed you here from Ree's place. Just had to say "howdy" from another Mom of four boys!

I hope and pray that your husband is able to find gainful employment soon!

Grace and peace,

Tiffany T said...

I love your blog title. I found you on All Things BD's blog, and I thought I'd come over to say hi. Boy am I glad I did! I loved reading about your update. Sometimes the "mish mosh mash" of stuff is the best.

And just to help clarify, MikeyD's is the best fries.

Anonymous said...

Hey do you know that McDonalds has pulled their support on Prop 8!!! Maybe all of our boycotts have helped out!!!
Has JC looked into the county? I know probably, but an idea. They do have a lot of jobs that do not require a lot of experience or a degree and you can move up and transfer quickly if you start low.
Hugs to you my friend

JR Hart said...

I boycotted McDonald's mainly because of the lovely trans fat and I'm approaching 30 and I need to lose my Gamer Weight, haha.

They do have some great french fries though, if you enjoy heart attacks.