Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Another Fluff Post

My mom gave me her camera. It is a very very nice 35mm old school film camera. It takes lovely pictures. A few weeks later her husband gave me his digital camera too. It is also a very nice camera. The problem is I cannot get the computer to recognize the camera so I can get the pictures off of it. So I am going to have to take it to Walmart too. They also gave me Photoshop, but I have not figured out how to use it yet so here are a few of the old school shots straight out of the camera. Not too bad.

Rub's not happy

Vootz the Poser

Dub "Here I am!" Hiding in the tree

Buzzy Blue Eyes

Dub snuggling Bebe and Fluvie

Rub snuggling Fluvie


Beyla said...

Oh they are so handsome!! The camera works great it seems, all the pictures were really well balanced borth colorwise and contrastwise. I have never gotten the hang of photshop either.. I guess i just haven't had the patience to sit down with it long enough! Have a good week!

Maria said...

so, i swear i all ready left you a comment a few days ago...but then, sometimes, i can't remember what i did a few hours ago! anyways, it is so fun to see your boys...they are growing up and so cute!!! do tell the family hi and thx for the empathy with the whole 'backed up' problem we are having! i hope jaron is having some luck in finding a job! it seems like it has gone on forever when you're in the middle of the hunt. good luck and we miss you guys!

homegirl said...

Thanks for visiting! I enjoyed reading your blog, your so funny! :) said...

What a good looking crew! You are quite the photographer. Of course, one must have good subject matter and you obviously do!


Shamelessly Sassy said...

My computer wouldn't recognize my camera for a while. So I had to buy a little card reader for the memory card from walmart for like $5. I just stick the card in it, then stick the reader in a USB drive thingy and I am good to go. You have beautiful subjects!

JR Hart said...

Some of them look like mini-J.C.s, haha.