Friday, June 17, 2011

I Am Still Alive

Wowzers! Where to begin...

I got a job! I got temporarily laid off from said job!

Vootz turned 11! Vootz earned his arrow of light in scouts and crossed the bridge from cub scouts to boy scouts! He also left tonight for his first time at scout camp!

JC turned another year older!

I finished my term as PTC president! Schoooool's Out for Sum-mer (have fun getting that song out of your head)! The best principal EVER retired and moved to Minnesota and we all cried, still cry! This picture of her is unfortunately the only one I have and is of her in the dunk tank at the school carnival in October.

I am, for the first time in 14 years, taking a class and studying for a state exam! I quit ALL soda cold turkey 3 weeks ago! I finished re-hab for my knee, just in time for it to be too dangerously hot to run in the day light! I canned 10 pints of black beans, 10 quarts of pinto beans and 5 pints of apple butter! I weed-eated my entire back yard...again! This time sans dog/dog poo, frogs, goat heads and radio active spiders. I still have this ugly itchy rash on my shin! My boys still say the cutest things and I still forget to write them down before I forget them so I will write this one down now...Dub said, "Sometimes when I eat ice cream, it shivers the inside of my body!"

This picture was taken of Dub around Thanksgiving. They had a Native American Day at school and he said, "Today was Made Up American Day!" and then my diet Pepsi came out my nose.

This is my best friend! She is my running partner and she finished our 1/2 marathon with a much better time than I did! She has two kids. Her husband works out of town, A LOT and she just graduated from Cal State! I am so proud of her! My husband is home every night, I do my class (notice that says CLASS and not CLASSES) on line and I am a total basket case! I don't know how she did it.

This is my other best friend! She was my VP in the PTC and without her nothing would have gotten done and everything would have fallen apart! She worked her ever lovin' butt off and sadly enough didn't get near the credit she deserved! You know the saying behind every good man is a good woman? Well behind every President there is a Vice President who is doing all the work that everyone else thinks the president is doing. I DID NOTHING compared to what this woman did! Thanks Melody!

Rub still spends most of his time upside down and has no mastered the no hands head stand. He also still prefers to wear as little amount of clothing as possible. I came home from the store one day and found him like this....

He and Buzz and Dub had trouble sleeping last night because they have never slept without Vootz, hopefully Vootz slept well.

Buzz is getting ready to turn 9! He mastered walking on stilts. I like to listen to him crack himself up. He gives the best back rubs!

Okay, I have avoided studying long enough. Time to hit the books.


Mynde said...

Wheh! Glad to hear everything is still 'okay' : )

Maria said...

i've never thought of stilts. does it occupy them a long time?! :) tell everyone hello!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Yes, stilts kept them pretty entertained. He was barrowing them from his scout leader. Learning to use them was a requirement for one of his awards.

rosalina said...

all arounders are amazing! :D