Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Better Than Reading Insurance Codes

Just a real quick break from my studies to share with you another funny thing Dub said a while ago that has been stuck in my mind today. We were driving down the highway behind a Pepto Bismol pink Ford Mustang. Out of the blue and very nonchalantly Dub says, "Stupid pink car. It's not even fast. It's not even a Chevy." I wish I had a dollar for every time my kids have made soda come out my nose, I would be in Hawaii right now. Okay, so probably not Hawaii because I don't fly and I don't go in or on the ocean so getting to Hawaii would be a bit of a challenge. But I definitely would not be subsisting on generic freezer pops and cramming for an insurance exam.

I just had a brilliant thought. I figured out why I use to be able to retain anything I studied so easily and why I am struggling so hard now. I have been blaming it on the fact that I have a husband and four boys demanding my attention, but I think it might be the lack of appropriate study food. When I was in high school I studied on chocolate donuts, Pepsi, and Cheese Puffs and I got great grades and didn't even try that hard. In college things got a little tighter and I studied on Diet Pepsi (had to avoid the freshman 15), Top Ramen and chocolate donuts and got mostly A's with out trying at all because I was also working and enjoying freedom responsibility. Now as an adult my diet consists of freezer pops fruits, french fries vegetables, and fake ice cream lean protein and I cannot remember anything I read. It must be because I am lacking some essential nutrients...SODA, SODIUM, and CHOCOLATE DONUTS!!! It's gotta be the diet.

I have a summer cold. I sneezed so hard I popped a rib out of place. I hurt. I took medication that I don't usually take because it makes me feel crazy. I almost threw up on Dubs feet last night trying to help him put on dry underwear because I took that medication. I don't remember going back to my room but I woke up there. I had wild dreams. I slept until 10 this morning. I woke up STARVING but NAUSEATED. I won't be taking that medication again. Anything that interferes with my ability to eat has to be bad. The end.


The McCauley Family said...

Poor you! Are you drinking rice milk or what? I forgot what you had told me.

The Farmer's Wife said...

8th contenent vanilla soy, Silk chocolate soy.

Karrie said...

I love this post Mrs. Melissa! I miss you!