Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'll Make The List, You Check It Twice

It's been rumored that I died, or at least that my blog died. Not true, we are alive and kickin'! Well kinda. My computer kicked the bucket, my vacuum died, and I haven't had time during the day to blog because I have been picking up every little piece of sand, popcorn and lint from my carpet by hand been just plain busy and at night I don't have access to JC's computer because he's home from work and thinks he should get to use his computer, imagine that. I was hoping to be able to get a laptop for Christmas but I had to buy a new vacuum instead. JC said something about "Cleanliness is next to...blah, blah, yackity smakity...." anyway no new laptop for me. You can mourn for me now, even though I am still alive, I feel as though I have died. My dreams of blogging from bed and of having my online recipe book open on the counter in the kitchen while I cook have been crushed! Smashed into little bits, that I will have to vacuum up with my new vacuum. *sniff, sniff* Santa if you are reading this, I still believe in you. I have been wonderfully good and sweet this year most of the time, except when I wasn't. I would like a new laptop for Christmas. That's all, just a laptop. Oh and some new perfume, it's called Inspiration. That's it. Just a laptop, and new perfume, and a new LBD, because I ate too many chocolate donuts to wear my old black dress my old back dress shrunk two sizes. That's all. Just three things. A laptop, inspiration and a new dress with some new heels and pearls...maybe I should just mail you my list. You're still at the North Pole right? Thanks Santa, I'll be waiting.

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JR Hart said...

Dear Kiwi,

Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn, we will be unable to fill out your list to the full extend that you are requesting. Inclosed are a notebook with 3 pencils and an eraser, a $5 gift certificate to Goodwill, and some cheap K-Mart perfume.


Santa Claus