Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Driving While Texting Could Be Sexting

The reasons one should not drive and hold two different texting conversations at the same time...hypothetically speaking of course.

To make for easier reading we will call the parties involved Kiwi, Mel and Carver, purely hypothetical mind you.

Conversation #1 takes place between Kiwi and Mel. Conversation #2 takes place between Kiwi and Carver. Both conversations take place simultaneously while Kiwi is stopped at various red lights in town while trying to make a dent in the never ending to do list with a 4 and 5 year old in tow.

Conversation #1

Mel: I am putting together the packets tonight.
Kiwi: Do you want help?

Conversation #2

Kiwi: Are you listening to Groove 99.3?
Carver: Yes, why?

Conversation #1

Mel: Yeah, I know it's my job, but yes.
Kiwi: No problem. I can help.

Conversation #2

Kiwi: Who sings that song?
Carver: What song?

Conversation # 1

Mel: What time do you want to put them together?
Kiwi: I wanna sex you up...
*wait, uh oh, Noooo, Noooo Nooo!*
Here is where "hypothetically" of course Kiwi's face would turn bright red and she would feel like her face was a blazing inferno. She would frantically try to dial Mel's phone to tell her not to read that text. In her frantic, dying of embarrassment state it would take three attempts to finally dial correctly.

Mel: HUH?
Kiwi was obviously too late.

Phone conversation:

Mel: Please tell me that was sent to the wrong person. Please tell me it was meant for your husband.

Kiwi: It so was suppose to go to Carver, but it really was very innocent. Honestly, I was not sexting him. I just want to know who sings that song. I know out of context it looks really bad, but it really was very innocent I promise. I am so dying of embarrassment right now! I hate this new phone, who's crazy idea is it to be able to text more than one person at a time.

And that folks is why we don't text anything that can be taken out of context, we don't hold more than one texting conversation at a time, and we don't drive while texting.


Carianne said...

Hahahaha!!! Love this story. I wish I could have seen both of your faces. When are you going to ask me to help????

The Farmer's Wife said...

Hey I said hypothetical. LOL! I am going to ask you to help in about 5 minutes. I need help with grandparents day. Signing in the grandparents. Also I need a hair cut!

JR Hart said...

LMAO! who is C4RV3R?

Karrie said...

Are you dead?