Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunday Drive

While driving home from church one Sunday we decided to take a side trip through a little neighborhood to look at a house JC has been drooling over curious about. He tells me, "It looks like it is vacant, the lawn is dead, the weeds have taken over, the windows are under three layers of grime and there are cobwebs galore, but it has a lot of potential. It is a huge corner lot, with a two story playhouse in back and big shade trees." Then we turn the corner and the garage door is open and there are cars parked in it. That blows the vacant theory. The new theories are #1 They are the coolest haunted house on Halloween and they are preparing early for the most realistic look. OR #2 Their neighbors must really be irked at them for driving down the property value by not taking care of their lot.

Then Buzz says, "If we lived here we'd for sure get to ride the bus to school!"

Me- "Buzz, if we lived here you wouldn't go to your school. You would have to go to a new school, with new friends and new teachers."

Buzz- "Nuhuh! NO WAY are we moving HERE! I AM NOT going to a new school!"

Rub- "If we moved to Texas we'd take the bus for sure!"

JC- "Why Texas Rub?"

Rub- "So I can own a handgun silly."


Later we were having "John Wayne Movie Sunday" and Rub says, "I can't be John Wayne because he's got a lasso and I don't have one."

Me- *mouthed to JC with raised eyebrows*- "A lasso? This boy is somethin' else."

JC- "You're a smart boy Rub."

Rub-"Well more or less."

I'm starting to wonder about this boy. A few weeks ago we had lunch with my mom at her office. Her desk is behind a large glass window that separates her from the lobby. Rub and Dub were in the lobby watching a movie while mom and I visited. When I looked through the window to check on them Rub passed his hand over his face in what I recognized as sign language, but could not remember what it meant.

Me- Hey Rub is that sign language?

Rub- Yes

Me- Mommy doesn't know what that means.

Rub- *flirty grin* "beautiful"

Me and mom in chorus- "awwww"

That's my boy!!

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JR Hart said...

LOL! Kids are hilarious!

Kelly's 3 year old daughter, Ava, was really sick once, water squirting from her bum and everything. Kelly brought her some Pepto-Bismol and Ava looks at it with wide eyes and says "It's so beautiful! Is that what princesses drink to feel better!?"