Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Name Game

When I picked Rub up from summer school one day last week...

Dub- Hey Rub did you learn the letter R today?

Mrs. Hutchins- Wow! You are smart. You must be Jake's brother. You know when we talked about he letter R today, Jake said you had two R's in your name. Is your name Robert?

Dub- No. I'ne not Robert, I'ne Dub! I got two R's too. W-A-R-R-E-N!

Mrs. Hutchins to me- Yes, we've had some confusion about that today.

She told me this conversation...

Mrs. Hutchins- Jake how many brothers and sisters do you have?

Rub- 3

Mrs. Hutchins- What are their names?

Rub- Robert, Buzz, and Double U's.

Mrs Hutchins- Double U's?

Rub- Yep.

Mrs. Hutchins- Is that short for something?

Rub- No, just Double U's.

Mrs.Hutchins- You just walk up to him and say "Hey Double U's"?

Rub- Yes *getting impatient*

Mrs. Hutchins- Really? Just Double U's, you don't call him anything else?

Rub- Yeah, we call him Dub.

Mrs. Hutchins- *probably thinking we are lunatics* What else do you call him?

Rub- Dubby

Mrs. Hutchins- So you call him Double U's, Dubby or Dub?

Rub- Uh-huh.

Mrs. Hutchins- Is that his real name?


Mrs. Hutchins- Is there any other name you call him?

Rub- Well, when he's in trouble mom calls him, WARREN DOUGLAS MONCUR!

Mrs. Hutchins- Oh, so Double U's is his Nick name.

Rub- Sure, can I go play now?

Me- Yeah, sorry. It does get pretty confusing sometimes for people who don't know. Oh, and just to avoid any more confusion, Buzz is not a real name either, it's Michael.

Mrs. Hutchins- Oh, that's good to know you psycho crazy lady.

Me- Yeah, okay see you tomorrow. Bye.


When Buzz was in summer school before kindergarten he switched back and forth between Buzz and Michael on all his school work, which confused the teacher for the first week. Then when kindergarten started in the fall she sat down with him and made him choose which one he was going to use and that is the only name he was allowed to put on his work. He chose Michael, but still came home with quite a few papers with Buzz written across the top.

I always said I would only use the boys nick names on the blog, but it is getting confusing for some so I will give you a name key. This one time only, pay attention, write it down. Are you ready?

Vootz = Robert (9) Sometimes Avootzky, Rovoot, Avootz...but mostly just Robert. Came about because when Buzz was little he could not say Robert and it sounded like Avoot. Use to be Bummper Dude, shortened to be Bumper but that name was retired with the death of my FIL who gave it to him (That story is too long for today). His name was Buppa Dude which came from Robert trying to say Bumper Dude back to my FIL.

Buzz = Michael (7)Sometimes Buzzy, or Buzzer. Given to him by his dad because when he was born he had NO hair and then when he finally got hair it was pure white and wispy thin. Looked like he had a buzz cut. Also has been called Bulimic Buzz because he has horrible reflux and when he was a baby he projectile vomited anything that went down, with in ten minutes it was across the room. After getting medicine for that he went back to just being Buzz.

Rub = Jacob (5)Sometimes Rubby, Jaker the Breaker or Boo. Rub because Buzz could not say Jacob, he said Pupub which worked it's way to Rubbub to Rub. Jaker the Breaker because he is a little destroyer. Boo is my name for him, shortened from Snugly Bugly Boo because he is the snugliest little kid you will ever find. (Yes, I realize he will hate me for his when he is a teenager.) I am sorry Boo, but I hope you are just as snugly sweet when you are all grown up.

Dub = Warren (4) sometimes, Double U, Double U's, Dubbers, Dubby or WD. Jc started calling him WD and it got shortened to various forms of the name from there.

Got it? Good. Don't tell anyone. And if anyone asks, you didn't hear it from me.


The Queen Bee said...

Oh my you are so hilarious. We are also guilty of calling C by his nickname so much he actually thinks it's his middle name.

My favorite was Bulimic Buzz... tears came I was laughing so hard!!!

The McCauley Family said...

My head is spinning! (I'm still confused). Too funny with the converstion with the teacher.

The Farmer's Wife said...

That's exactly the reason why 1/2 the time you'll here me say, "Which ever one of you is doing something wrong or annoying, KNOCK IT OFF!

Lucy said...

Fabulous story. I have been a pre-k teacher in my Live before all these kids. I loved letting the kids use what ever name they wanted on their papers. I am kind of a self expressionist and a kids name is important. It is one of the few things they own and if they want to sign it is funky letters I say go for it. Can you tell there are too many artists in my family. Well I had fun visiting your blog today. Your writing is very inviting.