Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Double Uana Jones

Dub has a black felt cowboy hat. He wears his hat ALL the time. He puts it on when he wakes up in the morning, before he even gets out of his bed. He also has a cloth belt he calls a "whoop". He carries it WHERE EVER he goes. These two items accompany him to breakfast where the first disagreement of the day begins. It goes something like this...

Me- Dub, do you want some cereal?
Dub- No. Just an otter pop.
Me- No. Do you want some toast?
Dub- No. Just some snacky snacks.
Me- No. Do you want some oatmeal?
Dub- No. I just want some nemanims.
Me- No. You may not have an otter pop. You may not have fruit snacks. You may not have M&M's. Pick something good for you.
Dub- How 'bout...hmmm. *tapping his finger against his bottom lip* I know! Whatta 'bout Cheetos!
Me- No! Go sit down and I will get you some toast.
Dub- I don't want toast. How 'bout some junk food?
Me- How 'bout not.
Dub- but...
Me- No! Toast or cereal?
Dub- How 'bout 'nolla.
Me- Fine granola. Take off your hat and sit down.
Dub- Nooooo. I'ne Innianna Jones!
Me- No. Not at the table you are not. Take off the hat. Put down the whip. Eat your breakfast.
*drops the whip*
Me- The hat too Dub.
Dub- I'ne not Dub! I'ne Innianna Jones!
Me- That's one, That's two,
Dub- All right, All right. I'll be Dub.

As soon as he climbs down from his chair he declares, "When my hat and whip are down, I am Dub. But when I grab them up like this and put my hat on, I am INNIANNA JONES! Duh duh duh duhhhh duh duh duh...."

He wears his black felt hat to play outside. It has been 115 degrees. He wears his hat to the swimming pool. He wears his hat to run errands, which starts another disagreement.

Me- Dub, why don't you leave your hat and whip in the car?
Dub- 'Cause I'ne INNIANNA JONES! Duh Duh...
Me- Okay, okay. But you must take off your hat when we are inside and carry it in your hand.
Dub- Ok.
*get to the door of the bank.*
Me- Dub take off your hat please.
Dub- No thank you.
Dub- Okay. I'll be Dub again.

He tries to wear it to the bath. He tries to wear it to church. He DOES wear it to bed. He not only wears his hat and carries his whip every where we go but he sings the Indiana Jones theme music ALL THE TIME!

Today he is wearing batman pajama top complete with a cape, shorts he threw a tantrum about having to wear because he insists that they are ripped because they have slits where the tie comes out at the waist(This is why he is still wearing a pj top...I was too tired to argue over shirts after twenty minutes of discussing why his pants are just fine.), Lightening McQueen rain boots, blue and green swim goggles, his hat and his whip.

Now tomorrow his personality will change. He will HAVE to match! He will want to wear his navy blue Chaps shorts with his brown Chaps polo shirt that has the navy blue Chaps design and his brown flip flops, not his black ones, because his brown ones match his shirt, that match his pants...you get the idea. BUT along with this very preppy outfit he will be wearing his black felt cowboy hat and carrying his "whoop".


The Queen Bee said...

At first I fought the Spiderman costume, the sweater vest, and the cowboy boot, then I realized WHO CARES!? They are only little for a while.

The McCauley Family said...

Hilarious girl!

Beyla said...

imagine my sister's frustration when my newphew decided he was am astronaut - suit and all - and refused to come out of his suit during the height of summer. good grief. I love Dub's whoop!

Karrie said...

Too funny.

JR Hart said...

LOL! That's awesome!