Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Here is my music post for yesterday. I obviously have not worked on my slacker issues. This is Sammy Kershaw "Love of My Life". I could not get the "real" video to the song to embed, sorry. This song is very old, I know. I am posting about it because on Wednesday it is JC and my 10th wedding anniversary. This is the song he chose to do our first dance to. I think he had more of an idea of how he wanted the wedding to go than I did. Usually girls have their wedding all dreamt up from childhood. Me, not so much. JC I think did though, of course this was his second go around at wedding planning so maybe he felt he had some knowledge on the subject. Enjoy.


Tam said...

Hitting the Big 10 is great - we did it this year also. Happy Anniversary!!!

Jeff and Holly said...

I love that song! I hope you have a wonderful 10th anniversary. Tell Jaron if he doesn't do anything for you then his name is MUD! We just had our 13th anniversary a week ago. I sure do love that man of mine, so greatful I caught him! You caught a mighty fine one yourself! Glad I can say I went out with him a couple times myself! He he! Okay I know he was mostly just keeping me company, but we had a fun time anyhow! :0)
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I am struggling with getting older. I am seeing more and more evidence of it lately!