Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A No Brainer!

Everyone was home today, JC, all four boys and myself. We did some yard work this morning. It took longer than I expected it to. By the time we finished and ate lunch Dub was tired and grumpy but it was 2 O'clock which is too late to put him down for a nap and still get him to go to bed at 7. So as I was debating whether to put him down at 2 and then just let him stay up late or let him stay up and go down at 7. The phone rang and the conversation went like this...
Her-"Hello is this Mrs. Moncur?"
Her-"This is Jane from Houchin Blood Bank. I am calling to let you know that you are eligible to donate blood again and we are having a blood drive this week. Would you like to make an appointment?"
Me-"No thank you if I get time this week I will try to stop by."
Her-"Okay thank you, have a nice day. Good bye."
Me-"You too. Good Bye."

Then someone turned off Thomas The Tank Engine and Dub started crying and Rub and Buzz were arguing. JC was yelling at his computer. And I began thinking...

Option 1:
Stay home with 5 tired and grumpy boys.

Option 2:
Drive in a truck with no A/C or radio through Rosedale traffic. Have a poke in my finger followed by having a Huge needle plunged deep into my left arm. Have nurse dig around in left arm with HUGE needle because that vein looks nice but is a roller that only one person in my entire life has ever been able to get (KMC Anesthesiologist)but every nurse thinks they can do it and even though I give them fair warning they still try. Then have another nurse come dig around to find the vein only to have them pull out the needle and say maybe your right arm will be better. Ya Think!? Pump up the vein in my right arm, have new needle jabbed in and give up 1 pint of the dark red gold. Get a Popsicle, a glass of juice and a t-shirt and head back to the truck with no A/C.

What would you do? Ya, me too. I was gone like a flash! A whole hour with no kids and no grouchy husband not that I mind being with JC. I actually love to spend time with him, just not when he is grouchy.

On my way home I decided that 1 hour just was not long enough since the blood bank was right across the street from my mom's office I should probably poke my head in there and say hi and tell her about everything that has been going on for the last two hours since I talked to her last. I also decided I needed to have a diet Pepsi while I was there because with all that talking I got a little thirsty. Then I need to use the facilities, because that was my fourth diet pepsi since noon and I like the smell of the hand soap there.

Then I decided while I was out I should just stop at the store for a loaf of bread and some milk. You know "trip linking" to try to save fuel and all. Oh and I might need to check the price of sardines, not that I eat sardines but it might be worth knowing how much they cost. Maybe I should grab some peaches too, over on the other side of the store, and if I am going to get peaches I should probably go back to the dairy case way over there to get some yogurt. I better make sure I grab something sweet for JC too, after all I did ditch him with 4 grouchy boys. I should also grab something for the boys since I ditched them with their grouchy dad.

Wow, 5 O'clock really? I should probably go home now, since I have the keys to the pantry and they might need to eat dinner and go to bed.

Me to JC- "Wow, it's been a long afternoon I am tired."
JC- *The look, again!*

Oh, and I came home to a totally thrashed house, but it was so worth it.


Karrie said...

glad to see you up and running again. I can't believe you have an 8 year old! oh- and are still running (literally)?

Jeff and Holly said...

Hehehe!! I knew you and I had a lot in common! Us Girls have to be smart on our feet!