Monday, December 6, 2010

It's a Conspiracy

Okay, a few things to talk about tonight.

First, I have been caffeine free (again) for almost two weeks. Yay Me!!! BUT IT IS TOTALLY KILLING ME!! To start with until today, I hadn't run since November 13th. I had to spend a week recovering from my 1/2 marathon, then I got the flu and I am just starting to feel human again. Not having caffeine AND not being able to run...I have been CR-ANKY MOMMA! But aside from all of that...Coke is taunting me. You heard me first it's Yahoo stalking my blog being all high and mighty telling me I don't NEED a bucket of licorice, and NOW, NOW it's COKE. Taunting me I tell you. Every website I went to today had a Diet Coke ad. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!! One even had this really cool animated one that showed the fizzy, bubbly goodness inside a glass dripping with condensation. How's a girl suppose to be strong when she is bombarded with temptation like that? My friend Karrie is trying to be strong too, because she thinks it makes her more anxious and irritable. So together we will be strong. Unless we are eating cheeseburgers or pizza (we both agree soda is a must with those foods), we will be strong.

So I planned this weeks dinner menu tonight. Tuesday-Cheeseburgers, Wednesday-BBQ Chicken Pizza, Thursday-Leftover Cheeseburgers, Friday- Pepperoni Pizza, Saturday Leftover Cheeseburgers and Pizza. Is that even possible? IS there such thing as "leftover" Cheeseburgers and Pizza? I don't think that has ever happened at my house.

Moving on. I had a huge yard bird in my fridge that I really needed to cook. Problem is we are not big on yard bird around here and since Thanksgiving just passed, we really have had our fill for the year. I couldn't stand for it to go to waste but really didn't want to just do another roasted bird. So I set out on a quest to find a different way to cook up the gobbler. I have had them traditional, deep pit, Cajun and even fried. They were all pretty good for turkey, but I don't have a pit and I don't have a fryer or even a rotisserie big enough so they were out. I do however have a traditional Weber Kettle BBQ Grill. So I BBQ'd it. The whole turkey. On the grill. I used some mesquite wood chips so it had a nice subtle smokiness to it. It was moist and tender. It was DELICIOUS!

This picture is before it is all the way finished. It got a nice deep brown all over. The skin was crispy and the meat inside was sooo juicy.


Willow said...

I'll be strong with you and Karrie. I'm about 5-6 weeks of being soda free. Well, not completely soda free... I still love diet cranberry limeaids. However, I'm off the hard caffinated stuff.

My reason for quitting? First, I've been biking a lot, and I don't ride as well when I'm all sauced up. Sure I may be haster and alert, but I can't enjoy the calm and peace that comes of kicking my butt with my two-wheeled nemisis.

Secondly, my lungs occasionally rebel and refuse to function properly. I have an inhaler... and I hate using it. It makes me jittery and shakey, restless and anxious. I've found that a diet coke works wonders to whip the lungs back into breathing. However, the soda only works when I don't drink it often. So, when excessively wheezy, I use soda and to make sure the caffine does the trick, I can't really drink it the rest of the time.

So, please let me join your sisterhood of strongness. :)

The McCauley Family said...

You're too and cheesburgers! I haven't had a "drink" since family IS suffering, but at least I'm not! :)