Monday, May 10, 2010

No. Owie.

For years I have complained to my doctor about how something is not right with me. I couldn't put my finger on any specific problem, but something, somewhere in me was wrong and it wasn't just in my head, I already know I am not quite right there. The doctor finally got tired of listening to me whine about it and decided, after he had run every other test in the book, to order an allergy panel. So I get an email from doc a couple days later. Low and behold I am allergic to milk. Anyone who knows me, knows milk is was just about my only food group. Unless of course you consider chocolate donuts or diet Pepsi food groups, WHICH I DO but have been unsuccessful in my attempts to convince the pyramid makers to see things my way. Also, those donuts...yep, contain milk!! Anyway doc says, "cut out ALL milk, milk products and milk byproducts for at least two weeks and then see how you feel. Be sure to read labels carefully!"

"Okay", says I! Thinking I will just have to cut out the milk, cheese and ice cream. How hard can that be? Well the no Breyers mint chip part might be a little difficult, but as long as it is a relatively low stress kinda time I should be okay. It's not a life threatening allergy. It's not as bad as a gluten or soy allergy. It's just milk. Then I look down and see the huge plate of Cajun Chicken Pasta in my lap, made with 2 cups of heavy cream. Guess I'll start tomorrow.

Day one: CRAP! What the heck can I eat??? EVERYTHING in my house contains milk! Bread, microwave popcorn, cereal, yogurt, Doritos, salad dressing, even the nasty dang hot dog contains milk!

Day two: This will get easier right? Dub's Heather brings over Hershey's thumbprint cookies. I might not starve. I eat around the "milk" chocolate kiss...after three cookies I remember cookies are made with butter! Well good ones are anyway, and these were goooood!! Okay, my two weeks will start tomorrow.

Day three: Made homemade milk free bread. Went shopping for milk alternatives. I've had the silk before. I like the chocolate one, but the plain and vanilla *shudders*. I could put chocolate Silk on my cereal, but because I have impressionable children who, I pray, eat better than their momma, I won't. Bought some vanilla Almond Breeze and chocolate Silk.

Day four: My Uncle crashes his plane and does not survive. Could REALLY use some pizza, chocolate donuts, Breyers mint chip, Doritos!! Can't have my comfort foods, so I opt for no food instead.

Getting use to this. Dropping weight. That alone could make this allergy worth it.

Head out of town for the funeral. Have to learn how to order my food. Toast dry. Eggs...scrambled?...nope they probably add milk. Over easy?...nope probably done in butter. Poached?...hopefully safe. Still not comfortable asking about how my food is prepared. Hope the bread is milk free. Bacon. Fruit. Diet Pepsi...yes, I know I could have had oj, but I was in bed at 1:00am and outta bed by 4:00am. Besides, that's the only comfort food I have left, leave me alone.

Several weeks pass...I think I have the hang of it. Feeling better than I have in years, maybe ever. Didn't know how bad I actually felt because I didn't know what feeling good was. My skin is clear. It's not dry and itchy. It's not breaking out. Haven't had any migraines. My stomach doesn't hurt (shhhh it. It was the milk, not the donuts and Doritos) You women know the pregnancy progression poster on the wall at the OB? You know the one that looks like the evolution poster? It shows a side view of what your body looks like as it progresses through the weeks of pregnancy....I use to look like the 20 weeks on a daily basis. Now I only look like...well not like 20 weeks, so that is progress right there. I have energy. I am sleeping really well at night and waking up early, ready to go...mostly. People notice the difference in me. I feel even better knowing it was not all just in my head.

Have an uh-oh kinda day. A slice of Pizza. A little Cake. Sick. Cramping tummy. Headache. Two days later, my face is a mess. I have been tired and grumpy. JC notices and asks, "what did you eat?" So was not worth it. I hope I remember this next time I am tempted. Need to take a note from my nephew (he can't have gluten). He sees "no, no" foods, even yummy ones like cake, and says, "No. Owie." Smart kid. I was wrong, this is as bad as a gluten allergy. Thankfully not life threatening like a nut or shellfish allergy though.

The heavens smile on me! I find a pretty good flavor of Doritos that don't contain milk. I replace my Breyer's with some sorbet...miss that creaminess, so I may have to try Lassen's for some dairy free ice cream. I hear they have a chocolate cherry one that is pretty good. Not missing my cheese bad enough yet to want to try vegan cheese. Found some vegan butter that's not too bad. Came up with a killer 10 grain bread recipe. Anyone know if they make vegan chocolate donuts? Just askin'.


Willow said...

We have soy allergies here. Christopher is extremely sensitive... and I get sick if I enjoy something with soy.

Having grown up with the allergy, it isn't too bad... I just had to learn how to cook. Basically, if the fats in cooking are replaced with non-soy fats, life is good for all of us. However, I have begun to make quite a list of foods that are off limits to the baby. It starts with Smith's cookies and ends with most tasty treats that are commercially prepared.

I bet you'll get darn good at avoiding dairy. I'm glad that you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe I need to get tested. You are describing me. I have a sister and a nephew who don't handle milk products.

The Queen Bee said...

We have 2 milk allergy peeps at our house. Chris has been allergic since birth, and L too. O was allergic when she was born but has grown out of it.

I abstained from milk for about 6 months when O and L were born and lost about 25 extra lbs!! Now I have a little milk product occasionally and he seems fine with it.

Here are some things I've noticed:

try different things with milk and see how they make you feel. Maybe a baked good with milk cooked in it won't bother you but a tall glass of the white stuff will. Cheese and yogurt may be off limits, but butter may be ok. Chris can't do actual milk, cheese, icecream etc, but if something is cooked with milk he's OK. Butter is ok with him (in small amounts). It's all about trial and error and figuring out what level of pain you are willing to live with! I hope you find some great things to eat and just be glad about your side affect of weight loss!

Karrie said...

Too bad about the allergy, but if it makes you feel better, then you better stick to it! You'll just have to eat like we all "should"- whole foods, not processed. You are a good cook, and your whole family can benefit from you being the grocery shopper/chef- cook for yourself and make them eat it too!
I think I would miss cereal- soy milk is *okay* as long as it's on cereal. I gag when it's plain. Cheese is always nice, too. But really, it's mostly fattening so it's a trade-off. We don't get the luxury of ice-cream in out house because for a long time we didn't have freezer space, and now that we do, I find the long trip from the grocery store isn't worth it. Otter-pops instead.

I think snacking is the hardest part- keep almonds, raisins, pumpkins seeds, etc. on hand. With LOTS of diet pepsi.

Jeff and Holly said...

Oh you poor poor girl! I am feeling for you. I could NEVER cut out the milk, you are one strong cookie! Maybe you could take something that makes it easier on your tummy, although I don't think that would help your skin. My big alergy is to corn, I still can't turn it down (cornbread and corn chips):(. Atleast you win by loosing your poochie(doubt you really have one) tummy! Hang in there, I'm sure you will eventually get use to it.

Maria said...

i'm glad you're feeling better! try 'rice dream' that's what bridon drinks. it's not TOO bad! maybe you should make your own choco donuts...