Friday, November 28, 2008

I Survived...Almost...Kinda...Well, not really.

I survived! The last four days have been a little bit OVERWHELMING! It all started with JC replacing a piece of door frame around the front door that has been broken for more than a year. Why he chose to replace it now I will never understand. I think he has a little whisper in his head that says, "hey add one more stress to your wife, lets see how much more she can take before she cracks! *evil cackle*" Why does JC replacing molding add stress to me you ask? Because he just hangs the stuff, I then had to paint it. Because the plan was to touch up the rest of the house eventually too, I figured I would just do it while I had the mess out anyway I did not want to have to wash the roller and brushes more than once. So I "touched up" the rest of the house, which turned out to be more of repainting the whole house instead of touching up(That's what you get when you have four boys).

Then I need to shampoo the carpets because we have four boys were having JC's family over for Thanksgiving and I wanted the house to look nice.

I also had another get together I had to cook for, two different classroom parties to cook for, an order of 2 dozen wheat rolls, 2 dozen white rolls and a dozen cinnamon rolls to make for a lady who was purchasing them from me for her Thanksgiving. Wheat rolls, white rolls, cinnamon rolls, coconut cream pie, pumpkin carmel cheesecake, blackberry pie, whipped cream, homemade cranberry sauce, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, stuffing and a turkey to make for our Thanksgiving. Plus all the grocery shopping and rounding up all the supplies like tables and chairs, napkins, table clothes etc. Clean my house and keep my kids entertained so they would not destroy the house again. On top of all the normal everyday tasks like preparing meals, doing laundry, cleaning house, wiping noses, making beds, getting kids to and from school....

But I did it! I survived it all, with a cold even and no caffeine almost. I had all the clean up done and fell into the bed at midnight only to be woke up at 1:00am with a croupy child, to go back to bed at 2:00am after said child's breathing treatment, to get up again at 3:45am to brave the masses for Black Friday shopping! Which wasn't for Christmas but for Sunday clothes for Vootz who has a tendency to completely out grow his clothes overnight and always with three or four weeks to go before his Birthday or Christmas. Just long enough he can't wait for the new clothes to be a gift without having to miss a month of church. I was back home in bed by 6:30 and up again at 7:00 to get Buzz breakfast, 7:20 to get Rub breakfast, 8:00 to tell Vootz to be quiet, 9:00 to go pee, and 10 to tell the people at the door "No Thank you"... Sleep? I don't need no stinking sleep! Caffeine? I don't need no stinking caffeine either!... Psharrr! Ya right and monkeys might fly out of my butt too!

Hello, my name is Kiwi and I am an addict. I fell off the wagon today when I ahem had to go to Home Depot for a new door knob and somehow ended up at Sonic with a large diet Coke in my hand which I am pretty sure was consumed entirely with one long swallow. Though I am not entirely certain because as soon as the liquid gold hit my lips time stood still and I felt like I was floating away on fluffy, white, cottony clouds... The good news is it had been weeks with no caffeine at all and my heart was doing better and everyone in my house is still alive. The bad news is I have to get passed the "craving" stage all over again, my heart is going a little haywire tonight and I am wide awake when I should really be sleeping, but hey, who needs sleep anyway?


Beyla said...

Oh dear!!!
You poor thing! I have been craving thanksgiving food all week, feeling so sorry for myself that I'm stuck in stupid no-yams & no turkey Norway,and then I read the insane amounts of work you put in, and I just thought to myself "Ooookaaaay, I'm never-ever celebrating Thanksgiving if I have to do all the work!!" I sure hope your family knows how crazy lucky they are to have you, I cannot believe how hard you've been working!! I am impressed, I tell you!
I sure hope things calm down big time for you guys - thought with birthdays and Christmas and all, it doesn't look too promising, huh? Just promise me to take it easy on the caffeine - No cigarettes for me, no diet coke for you! Deal? You see, I worry about your heart all the way from over here!

The Queen Bee said...

CAN YOU SAY SUPER WOMAN???WOW!! I am impressed that you went that long without caffeine. I'm glad you had a great TG Day. The other day I was yelling at C "Don't pee on my floor" and thought of you.