Saturday, March 12, 2011

Have You Ever Seen My Sweet 16? Yeah, It's Like That. But Not Really.

Yesterday was my 29th birthday for the fifth time. It was AWESOME! The best birthday since my last 29th birthday. We partied hard. JC took me out and we had steak and shrimp. We had pizza, that I had to go pick up. We had my favorite angel food cake, that I had to make. We had a huge party at the club with a hundred guests and celebrities. My mother in law came to the house, that I had to clean. I got the keys to my brand new 6 bedroom dream house on 80 acres. My mother in law gave me some yummy cherry slice candies, that my boys ate all of this morning while I was working. We partied until the wee hours of the morning, dancing on the bars and painting the town red. I took a Benedryl and went to bed. We slept in this morning and I got breakfast in bed served to me by my dashing svelte husband and his rock hard abs. I rolled my butt out of bed at 6:30 to go clean a house, grabbed a diet Coke for breakfast while JC lay snoring and oblivious under the covers. Happy Birthday to me! I have no idea how we will ever be able to top this on my next 29th birthday.


The Queen Bee said...

Girl, you gotta demand more attention! Seriously Chris knows my birthday must be a week long extravaganza! The kids know it too. I start the week before and sometimes extend until the week after!

Jaime said...

You are too funny. I enjoy reading your blog. It always seems to brighten my day.

Karrie said...

You forgot that you went to the grocery store, too! That is a special birthday treat... as well as laundry. You and I share same birthday "days." Meaning, they are mostly just like any other day.
Will talk to hubs about getting together before the end of April. Gotta be on a Friday night, and those are hard to come by when he works 99% of Friday nights.
I can't make any promised until this blasted house is done.
And girl, 6 bedrooms is too many to clean. Cuz you know you would have to do it, unless you have the will power to just close the door and walk away. If you do, teach me that trick! I have a trailer for CHEAP that you and JC can live in for a few years and you can make him build you those six bedrooms. :) Happy late birthday! Isn't 29 a great age? (or like my friend says, 20-14.)

Maria said...

you make me laugh! i have some serious canyons myself! and i agree with the blog stalkers thing, come on, leave a comment once in a while. but, hey, i removed u and re-invited u on my blog. i had to do that w/ someone else. can you view it now?