Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Dub calling from the bath tub- Mommm! I need a dry towel.

Me- Dub there's a towel on the towel rack.

Dub- No, I used that one when I got out to get my Batmobile. It's all wet now and it will make my willie cold and then it will pee on its own.

That is when I nearly choked to death on my chocolate donut celery stick.

Rub- When I am old enough to get married like 29 or 20 or something, I won't live with you anymore mom.
Me- That's right Rub, you'll live with your wife.
Rub- Yeah, because when I marry Haley and she starts having babies that will be too much moms and dads and too much babies. I think she won't like that. She's going to have girl babies.
Me- Umm. Who's Haley Rub?
Rub-*grin* You know my wife Haley in the purple row. When I am 17 I am going to kiss her all over her face. Oh, and mom.
Me- What Rub.
Rub- I won't be able to be your Boo anymore, or sniff your face anymore. That will make her very mad.
Me- Rub could you please not, umm...you don't need to be thinking about all this right now. You are still kinda young to be talking about kissing girls and getting married.
Rub- I know mom, but you gotta plan for these kind of stuff...um mom.
Me- What Rub?
Rub- Does it make your feelings sad that I can't be your Boo?
Me- Yes, Rub it does. I am not ready for you to be someone elses Boo just yet. Do you think you could still be just my Boo until you finish a couple years of College?
Rub- We'll see mom, maybe I will just be your Boo until...Hey can we go to Checkers if I still be your Boo?
Me- You bet.
Rub- Okay can I get a Rootbeerd too if I don't kiss Haley's face?
Me- Deal.

He's got my number...and probably Haley's too.


The Queen Bee said...

LOL!! Oh my you do have your hands full. C has broken up with his future wife Amelia, and they have agreed to just be friends! Little boys are the BEST!

The McCauley Family said...

Oh my gosh...soooo funny!

Karrie said...

If Rub is your number 2 kid (I can't keep the nicknames straight)... you need to save him for my number 1. I have plans. (Evil cackling and laughter aside.)It involves scoping out potentials for my kids... and one of yours has made the list. (Possibly two, we'll see what our youngest personalities are like first.)

The Farmer's Wife said...

Karrie- No worries, Rub is #3 the 6 y/o. Buzz is still very available for Kacey and I plan to keep him that way. ;)

Karrie said...

Oh Buzz! That's right, I totally remember now. Thanks. And do keep him that way... they'll be perfect for each other in 15 years. Then we can share grandkids! Woot!