Friday, November 13, 2009

Guess What I Found?.......

...$2.00 in pennies and nickles
John Deere check book cover filled with carbons but no checks.
New check book.
Pack of tissues
Lip gloss
Lip liner
Burt's Bees Peppermint chap stick
Burt's Bees Almond Hand cream
Nail file
4 Bobby pins
1 Clippy
1 Rubber band
1 Headband thingy
5 Pens from various places (sorry if you are missing your pen)
Eye drops
2 Wipey thingies for glasses
Half dozen various receipts
Insurance bill
Insurance receipt
Electric bill
Half dozen expired coupons for various things
1 Star mint once sticky and sucked on and now covered in lint, sand etc
2 lollipops half eaten and wrapped in tissue (I guess Lemon is not the flavor of choice)
Several pieces of ABC gum wrapped in tissue, paper, candy wrappers etc.
Lip Smackers Dr.Pepper chapstick tube, empty, with no lid.
4 Hot Wheels
1 Fireman
2 Soldiers
1 Anikan Skywalker
1 Ewok
6 Broken crayons
3 Colored pencils
2 Markers
3 Drawings of Star Wars
3 Used handiwipes covered in Ketchup smiles and grubby hand prints
1 Hat to the Lego Indiana Jones
1 Bouncy ball
1 Half Eaten bag of french fries I don't remember buying
1 Half Eaten Pop Tart
2 Peanut butter crackers still in the package but crushed
Several smashed goldfish crackers
1 Corn dog stick from I don't know where
1 Cupcake wrapper
1 Unidentifiable object believed to be at some point a baby carrot
1 Dead "snaily" in a plastic coin machine egg thingy.
A used band aid
1 dirty sock
2 Sea Shells
1 Acorn
About a 1/4 cup of sand
Some playground bark
and last but not least a homemade card that says, "Mommy you are the goodest mom ever. Love Buzz" on the outside and I couldn't read the inside because someone spit their used gum in it.

And that is why I no longer carry a purse. Last year for Christmas I found a super cute black and cream Toile purse trimmed in real leather for $10. I bought it with the idea that I would give to my sister in law for Christmas filled with lotsa cute little goodies. On the way home from the store I could not stop thinking about that purse touching, ogling, thinking of all the perfect outfits I had that it would look so cute with... . When I got home I put the purse on my closet shelf and that night I decided it would go perfect with the outfit I was wearing to an event that night. Sorry 'Brina. I kept the purse, I love the purse...except I don't carry it anymore because at our house we have a Gremlin. The "Honest, I don't know how that got there gremlin"...four of them to be exact. So I cleaned out the cutest purse ever and put it back on my shelf. Every now and then I hide clean out my closet and notice the Gremlin is still working, because "Honest I don't know how those chocolate donuts got in there."


The McCauley Family said...

too cute...i thing that dr. pepper chapstick is mine:)

Marilyn said...

I love to read your blogs. You are such a creative writer! hope everyone is doing well and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!